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RCO Construction LLC is a certified 8(a) / SBA Federal HUBZone / and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firm. RCO Construction LLC 8(a) certification graduation date is September 2023.

In addition to RCO’s federal certifications, the firm is a qualified small business pursuant to the regulation which corresponds to NAICS 236220, 238130, 238140, 238310, 238220, 238290, 238310, 238320, 238330, 238340, 238350, 238390, 238910, 238990, 541330, 541430.

Bonding Capabilities

RCO Construction LLC has a bonding capacity of $5M for single projects and $10M aggregate for the total of on-going uncompleted work.

The firm can provide larger bonds if required and is contingent on the type of work and subcontractors utilized; thus to be determined on a project by project basis.

Management Tools

As an important element of RCO’s Organization and Structure, weekly management meetings are held at our home office. Exchange of information is critical so that, at any given time, certain team leaders can step in and already be fully apprised; thus, information portals are for sharing information include Dashboard and Dropbox. The home office and our off-site management personnel can then exchange information within minutes. Additionally, the central scheduling and accounting systems allows our team leads to view project status in near-real time, regardless of geographic location.

Pricing & Costing

Task Order Contracting: RCO feels at ease with multiple projects / task orders being performed simultaneous. With highly skilled personnel who are able to perform multiple tasks, the flow in work operates much more efficiently. A working Superintendent (usually a tri-hat) leads the work force without skipping a beat or waiting on subcontractors to arrive. The results in the reduction of down-time leads to reduced labor costs; a savings which is then, passed on to our Customer.

Pricing & Scheduling

RCO is experienced in E4Clicks/RSMeans with co-efficients and firm-fixed price proposals; and utilizes P6 and MS Project for its scheduling requirements. Additionally, RCO is experienced with the RMS / QCS system.

Weekly Planning

Finally, every week, our project managers submit written in-house project status reports to the home office detailing our performance with information on schedule, budget, quality, customer feedback, and any other issues relevant to their projects. RCO PM’s are experienced with E4Clicks (RSMeans pricing); establishing Co-Efficients; and providing Firm-Fixed Pricing.

Quality Control Management

RCO’s philosophies to PERFORM CORRECTLY, FIRST TIME, FIRST RIGHT! The Three-Phases of Control as outlined in RCO’s QCM Plan include the following categories to achieve the core philosophy.

Initial: The initial phase is accomplished at the beginning of a definable feature of work. The initial phase checklist is used by the QC Manager when conducting this phase meeting. At a minimum, the following shall again be discussed and documented: the DFOW, submittals, and contract requirements for the DFOW, plans, specifications, safety, AHAs, and samples of the work. Any deficiencies in work that may be subject to not meet the contract documents shall be discussed and a solution for corrective measures agreed upon.

Preparatory: The preparatory phase shall be performed prior to beginning work on each definable feature of work. The preparatory phase checklist is used by the QC Manager when conducting this phase meeting. At a minimum, the DFOW, submittals, contract requirements for the DFOW, plans, specifications, and preliminary requirements particular to the DFOW (i.e. dig permit), safety, and Activity Hazard Analyses (AHAs) shall be discussed and documented at the meeting.

Follow-Up: Daily checks by the CQC assigned to the definable feature of work shall be performed to assure continuing compliance with the contract requirements and discussions from the preparatory and initial meetings. A daily progress report shall be completed by the CQC on a DFOW to document compliance with the contract documents and note the progress of the work.

Safety Policies: RCO’s safety record is apparent to its belief that Safety is everyone’s responsibility. The RCO Safety Policies and Personnel Training is incorporated into RCO’s APP. All RCO Personnel is provided the proper safety training as part of their employment.

Superintendent: 30-Hour OSHA; 40-Hour EM385-1-1 Certificate; QCM Certified.
Asst. Supt / Foreman: 30-Hour OSHA; 10-Hour OSHA Field Personnel: 10-Hour OSHA

When performing specific features of work that include high-work: Fall Protection Training is provided.

When performing underground features of work: Excavation / Shoring / Trenching Training is provided.

Additional training will be provided as the definable features of work are identified.