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Company History

Founded in 2010, RCO Construction, L.L.C. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is a general contractor specializing in new construction and renovations. Services include concrete, painting, flooring, HVAC, electrical, demolition, paving, seal coating, site work, and site utilities. Federally Certified firm primarily serving public agencies such as the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Air Force, Veterans Administration, city, county, state, and other Federal public agencies.

RCO Construction’s experience within the public and private sectors include commercial, industrial, Government facilities, and City of San Antonio, ranging from general construction to interior renovations, exterior sidewalk construction, exterior lighting installation, Blast Booth/Room and Paint Booth installations. RCO has experience in design/build contracting, work order contracts, maintenance contracts, and USACE projects requiring QCS programming. The company’s employees understand the government/contractor relationship, as well as the contractual and construction requirements of the Government.

Working with RCO

As a small, minority-owned business, RCO Construction welcomes the opportunity to partner with other companies in order to provide a better service offering to the customer and to strengthen its project experience base. Increasingly, the government is restructuring operations and focusing on core expertise thus seeking experienced partners that take major responsibility in successfully controlling the construction process. RCO Construction ensures that our projects function flawlessly and most often are completed ahead of schedule.
In the spirit of obtaining a “Win-Win” outcome, our team has developed a clear cut Partnering process that is incorporated into all of our projects. Initially, we meet with the project owner and the design team to develop a list of achievable project goals that are implemented and regularly evaluated by the team to ensure that the good faith commitments made during the partnering workshop become consistent realties as the contract is completed.
Subcontractors are carefully selected based on a “best value” basis as opposed to the lowest price. After a subcontract is issued, the subcontractor is provided with comprehensive information and training to ensure that they are familiar with project specific regulations and administrative requirements. Prior to issuing subcontracts, the construction project management team will pre-quality each subcontractor by evaluating their capabilities including their management, key personnel, equipment, bonding and financial strength, and most importantly their past experience and performance. RCO Construction’s project management team will work closely with subcontractors’ key personnel to develop schedules, work processes, quality control practices, and safety plans for each project. All key subcontractor personnel are required to participate in partnering sessions, weekly construction meetings on any RCO Construction project.

Subcontractors are evaluated by our project management team at the end of each project and that evaluation is used as part of our selection criteria for the subcontractor’s participation on future projects.